About Us

Mark and I met on Christmas Eve 2006, when my three year old daughter literally spilled milk on his shoes during church.  Not my finest moment, but it was meant to be.  We quickly fell in love and were married 6 months later.  What a wonderful ride it has been!  Thru Mark, the Lord has taught me that beauty comes from ashes, and that dreams really do come true.

We live in Utah, with our beautiful children and a curious fluffy white puppy.  Mark works for a chemical company and I work in property management.  We have a crazy fun and completely awesome blended family.  When we got married, Mark had 2 teenage sons and I had 2 toddlers.  The kids are now growing up, but are still our favorite people on the planet.

This past year, our hearts have been focused on adopting our little girl who lives in an orphanage in China:  Camilla Lyu.  We should be traveling to China in September 2015 to complete her adoption and bring her home.  When I started this blog, it was originally going to be about furniture refinishing projects and decorating.  However, adoption has changed our lives this year, and we are only just beginning.  For all the thoughts swirling around in my head every day, this blog will become a resting place, so I can remember them, and so Mark doesn’t have to listen to me for hours on end!  See, I kindof have the gift of gab.  So, if you are still reading this, you are pretty awesome!

I have realized that biology isn’t everything that makes a family.  It is the things we do for each other.  It is the love, the sacrifices, the fun times, the crazy times, and everything in between–that make us a family.  And family gives us a team of people who we can love, who we can turn to during struggles, and who we want to be with forever.  From one of my favorite songs by Dave Barnes (“One of Us”):

“All we are, you are

And who we’ll be, you’ll be

Love and hurt, doubt and trust

Welcome to being one of us.”

And so, Camilla, we welcome you to being one of us!

♥ Amy