When we went to China last year to adopt Camilla, people often asked if this was our “first adoption”.  We adamantly replied, “first and only!” We surely thought we were done.  Little did we know the life changing impact the sweet children in China would have on us, how much we would fall in love with Camilla, and how badly we would desire to return.  We soon found ourselves saying not “How could we return to China?”, but “How could we not?”  We had this empty room at our house, and as we contemplated how to fill it, we knew our answer, “no empty rooms.”  And then we found Shon…

We are so excited beyond words to be adopting one more time.   We are grateful the Lord led us to the sweetest 8 year old boy in China.   While we are nervous about our abilities and adoption adjustments, we know he will be a wonderful blessing to our family.  We can’t wait to bring Shon home!  We are hoping to pick him up in the early summer 2017.

Shon will turn 9 years old in April 2017.  He is a smart boy, who attends school and is fluent in Chinese and Pinyin (writing Chinese with the english alphabet).  He loves to do crafts, draw, sing, and play with his friends.  The social workers from our agency who have met him and his caregivers say he is a shy, quiet boy, who is quick to help other children.  He drew this picture for them this year during their visit:


Shon does not have special needs like Camilla, he has a mild form of a skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).  His skin is fragile and can blister easily.  We are learning more about how to treat his skin, and have already found lots of love and support in the EB community.




Shon has lived in the orphanage in Weifang since he was 2.5 months old.  His orphanage is a better one, and his nannys are caring and have done the best they can for him, however, his medical need has gone largely untreated.  We look forward to bringing Shon home and starting treatment and wound care so he can be more comfortable.  Our hope for Shon is that he will find comfort and love in our family and soar to accomplish all his dreams.  The sky is the limit for our brave boy!


We have a puzzle fundraiser going to help raise Shon’s adoption fees right now:

Our Fundraiser: Piece-Of-My-Heart Puzzle Project

♥ Amy