During our adoption, we have learned about two pretty amazing organizations:  New Hope Foundation and Show Hope.  They have taught me a new definition of “Hope”.  We often think of hope as wishful thinking or faith, but to me–Hope is Action.  It is taking our heartaches, questions, or challenges to the Lord and acting on his promptings.  The work these organizations do for the orphaned children in China is overwhelming for me.

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This spring, we learned that our daughter in China was having some serious medical problems.  We started praying for her more fervently and put her name on the prayer roll of our temple.  However, it didn’t get better, it got worse.  In the international adoption world, there is not alot of interaction or control over what you can do in situations like this, and we felt pretty helpless.  It was heartbreaking.  I worried for her every hour of every day.  One week, we heard some pretty tough news and were in the depths of sadness and frustration and worry.  Mark and I started talking however, and started to come up with some ideas of how we could help.  As we talked, more ideas came and we sent off an email to our agency with our thoughts.  We didn’t expect anything to happen, but we had to try.  Our social worker at WACAP is amazing, and she took the time to listen. Then her boss took the time to listen, and they went to work.  Our doctors stepped up and wrote letters.  Our little family prayed for Camilla and for this exact purpose in every prayer of every day.  Our ideas and our agency’s plans passed thru the hands of several Chinese contacts, orphanage workers, and the orphanage director.  A handful of people took time to care and open their hearts to our little girl and a small miracle was performed on her behalf.  We were introduced to these 2 organizations, New Hope and Show Hope, who now have a very special place in my heart.  Camilla is now receiving the medical care she needs, and my worry has been swept away.

We don’t believe this was by accident.  We know there were thousands of prayers offered for Camilla, and many people who stepped in with pure Christlike love.   It taught me that the Lord does care about our concerns.  He can make great things happen if we have hope and take action.   Most of all it taught me that He absolutely loves us.  All of us.  Even a little girl in a far away land and her imperfect soon-to-be parents.

♥  Amy