Our Team Drops in for “The Drop Box Film”

On March 3rd, we went to see this amazing documentary: 1 Cor 13

http://www.thedropboxfilm.com.  It is about a Korean pastor who has devoted his life to saving orphaned children.  He teaches us about special needs children and the impact they can have on our lives.   It was amazing and I loved it. Mark and I were going to go alone, and had been anticipating this movie for a long time.  But we decided to invite all the kids, and cousin Janae came along too. We settled into our full row–8 seats long,  and all I could think of was that we are not alone on this journey.  Sometimes it feels isolating.  But I have to remember we have a team of supporters, not only our awesome kids, but family and friends who are so willing to teach us and give support.  It makes all the difference in the world.


Colin’s superpower is that he has a heart the size of Texas.  As the oldest he always makes sure everyone is included.  When Mark and I  got married, he was a senior in high school, and he was always wanting us to have a baby.  It took ALOT longer than we thought, but here we are. We appreciate his support of all our crazy decisions.  Colin and his cute wife are raising a family of their own and he is one great dad!


Then there is this kid…Ian is talented, fun, organized, and can load a dishwasher like no other!  He is always there to help and support us. I’ll never forget when Mark was sick and Ian came to visit him every morning and night with magazines and treats, mowed our lawn, and helped with the kids.  He is Kayla’s other half…we call them “The Controllers”, and they keep us in line. He is just plain awesome.  We love this guy!


Zackary is the tallest boy in our crew, surpassing his Dad, even though he will always be my little boy.  He keeps us laughing–sense of humor is his gift.  He is kind, sweet, and quiet.  He is so smart.  One of the things I have always admired is his heart to look out for those in need, he doesn’t want anyone to suffer.  He keeps us stocked on IPod tunes, and our favorite thing is to jam out in the car on the way to karate.


This beautiful girl is our helper and party planner, she always is looking for fun.  She is our child that gets things done, reminds us where we need to be.  It is nice to know I can count on her!  She plans games and family outings, and helps mark with the lawn, cars, and projects.  Kayla has a spiritual heart, and no one is more excited for this adoption than her!

After the movie, Colin said, “I just hope Camilla knows what she is getting herself into!”  Truer words have never been spoken.

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♥  Amy