Chinese New Year 2015

This year, we celebrated Chinese New  Year (February 19, 2015).  It was so fun!   We decorated in red and gold.  Those colors represent good luck in China.  We ate orange chicken, rice, and egg rolls.


IMG_8175 IMG_8173 IMG_8172 IMG_8167


The kids did origami.  Traditionally, kids in China get red envelopes with money inside from their parents and family.  Chi ching!  We didn’t do that.  Don’t tell our kids THAT tradition…the less they know the better.  🙂  I think we will have them give us money instead….after all, according to them we are “pre-elderly” and the Chinese take care of their elders, right?

IMG_8185 IMG_8183 IMG_8182 IMG_8180

We set off the last of our wish lanterns

IMG_8169 IMG_8168

And played a game with our Chinese Names and the year we were born.


When Mark and I went to Chinese Class that week, we learned how to write the character for “Chun”.  This is our daughter’s Chinese first name.  We found out it is often used during Chinese New Year because it represents good fortune.  People will draw the character on signs and put it above their doors to welcome others to their home of good fortune.  We think she was possibly named this because she came to the orphanage around the time of Chinese New Year.

We look forward to this new tradition in our house!

♥  Amy