Happy Mother’s Day!

This video was made by the talented Zach Kempf for Extra Space Storage, and it stars some of my favorite people from Provo.  It was just what I needed to hear:

Even though I already am a mother, do I worry about my abilities bringing a new child to our family? Heck yes!!  Every. Single. Day.  I have never been the mother of a special needs child, and worry about having enough knowledge, patience, acceptance, and love.   Yet, I feel strongly that I was chosen to be a mother again, not just any mother, but Camilla’s mother. One of my favorite adoptive mamas wrote,  “I wish we could bottle it (the love we have for our adoptive children) and let others considering special needs adoption know how much they will be in love with their child.”  (www.runnomoreblog.com/2014/07/02/a-year-later)

So, on faith,  this new adventure of motherhood x 2 begins!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone, you are amazing!

♥   Amy