Our Fundraiser: Piece-Of-My-Heart Puzzle Project

Please join us to help bring Shon home!  This beautiful 16 x 20 picture will hang in Shon’s room.  It has been made into a 300-piece puzzle.  We are fundraising for Shon’s adoption fees by selling each piece for $20.  When you make a donation, your name will go on the back of the puzzle piece (s).  We will put it together, modge podge, and place it in a double glass frame.   When he comes home, Shon will be able to see all the friends name’s who gave a “piece of their heart” to help him.

Simply click on the paypal link to get your puzzle piece (s).  If you don’t have paypal, you can send it to us directly.  www.paypal.me/blissfamily


 We chose this quote for Shon because adoption adjustment is hard.  He will be coming to a new environment and leaving everything he knows.  But oh, the things that await him!  His skin condition, EB, is also very hard.  It is one of the most painful diseases to bear, as it causes skin blistering and wounds.  During his wound care, which will be fairly new to him, I want him to be able to remember these words.  We will be translating it into Chinese characters for him and writing it on the Matt surrounding the puzzle picture.

I want Shon to know he is brave, strong, and smart. But most of all Loved.  Loved by friends and family and his Heavenly Father.  Kids in the orphanages endure too much on their own.   I can’t imagine being alone and enduring diseases or hardships like they do.  Thru abandonment and not having a family, they develop a fierce emotional independence beyond their years.  You can see  fearfulness and apprehension in their eyes.  Thankfully, love heals.  I have seen in Camilla and in other kids who have come home–a spark in their eyes, and a sweet comfort in their soul as they come to know their Savior and the love of a family.  They begin to feel comfortable in their new home and have freedom to live their childhood.  It’s a beautiful thing and this is what we want to give Shon, if nothing else.  img_1370

Thank you for supporting us!  We know every piece is a sacrifice and a part of your heart to our family, and we are humbled and grateful for it!

♥  Amy